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About Us

Global Creative Platform for Multimedia Designing

Dark World Pictures is one of the most emerging multimedia designing companies. The company was established in the year of 2018. The company was bootstrapped by Gokul Rajasekaran in the motive of enhancing the creative technology of our country.

We have been working in multimedia designing since 2018, we have achieved a lot in this field. We are having a great interaction with the community people to make the process as a successful one. We are having our own studios for all the works.

Not only in the animation and designing we are also working in music direction. For the purpose of music direction and recording we are having our own recording studio. During this process we also introduced some singers and musicians to this industry.

Our designers are well trained and well experienced in this field. Their dedication towards the work is always high. Being a good designer, they made this world as colourful. More than designing they provide a pleasant experience to the viewers

Dark World Pictures is a result-driven creative company offering a full suite of web, graphic, video, animations, sound designing, and multimedia services. We use the latest technologies combined with strategic guidance and superior design to deliver innovative solutions that consistently exceed our clients' expectations.

Social awareness

Being a successful company, we did not fail to create awareness among the people. Both founders are excellent motivational speakers, who always try to create awareness to the people on various aspects.

We are constantly creating awareness for students about this field and try to expose their creative mind. Being an entrepreneur, we did not fail to train the interested students and professionals for becoming a good designer.

We are providing career guidance for the many graduates and making them as successful in their life. Apart from designing we are helping the students for confidence building and self-motivation.

We are helping the students for team building and to improve their confidence and encourage the entrepreneurship skill among the students and make them successful in their life. The advice was given for the students who are interested in being an entrepreneur.

Our Vision

Our main vision is to bring the quality of designing in the foreign countries to our country.

Enhancement of designing education around the country.

Making the standard of Indian Film industry standard to Hollywood.

Creating the animation beyond your imagination.

Our Mission

To achieve our visions we are constantly improving ourselves towards the global market.

We are increasing our outlet centers to different locations.

Providing the high services at low cost to encourage the improvement of industry.

Encouraging the students to study multimedia designing


Dark World Pictures inc. was founded in 2018 in Tamilnadu as a Editing company with short term contracts. The Company,led by Chairman Mrs. Gokul Rajasekaran. In May 2018 the company shifted its focus to new business opportunities in multimedia designing and implemented certified works from all over India. In Dec 2018 we added Film Production, Red Unit Rentals and Software development service to their company. In Jan 2019 The company is grand opened and started providing its services all around India

It is a Multimedia Designing Company in India,established in 2018. We offer a professional Logo & Corporate Identity designing services, Short Films Creation Services, Pilot Films Creation Services, Cinematic Wedding Creation Services, Film Production services, Advertisement Creation And Marketing Services, Software Development services And Rental Services.

This company is geared to delivering More in every aspect of our business. More responsiveness, More Reliability & More Results. We belive in excellence in execution of every task, whether it is a small assignment, or a large global campaign

And  intend to deliver the work on time!

Ours Partners

Advertisement film | Web Series | Cinematic Weddings | Visual Editings (CJI, VFX , 2D, 3D Animations, Modeling , Colouring, 4K Blending) | Short Film | Pilot Film | 6K Cine Camers Rentals | Logo Animations | Youtube Promotions | Album Songs(with Copyright) | Back groung music | Live Recording | 5.1 Mixing And Mastering | Audio Dubbing